Wessanen UK launches dark roasted Whole Earth peanut butter

UK – Wessanen UK, an organic and natural food company has launched a new, intensely roasted peanut butter under the Whole Earth brand, expanding its spreads portfolio.

The dark roasted peanut butter simulates the flavour of dark roasted coffee and according to the company, it contains high-oleic peanuts that have been through a special slow-roasting technique.

The company said the new range has been created to encourage people to use peanut butter in a variety of inventive ways, including a dip for fruits like apples and dates.

“Peanut butter is a flexible and nutritious natural ingredient that can be enjoyed in a number of different ways, from smoothies to porridge to curries.

Our delicious new spread is for people who appreciate great taste above all else and is particularly enjoyable when paired with fruit.

“With the intense and rich flavours of our new dark roasted spread, we’re encouraging people to experiment even more with how they use and enjoy peanut butter,” said Kirstie Hawkins, Whole Earth brand controller at Wessanen UK.

The spread is the third peanut butter from Whole Earth that uses high-oleic peanuts, which are said to contain around 30% more monosaturated fats than standard peanuts.

For the year 2017, Wessanen said that Whole Earth, the natural food brand reported record growth in international markets, with a value sales increase of 43% in the spread’s category alone.

“Peanut butter’s profile continues to be on the rise, as more and more of us actively look to make healthier, active lifestyle choices,” said Kirstie Hawkins.

The new peanut butter is available in Waitrose stores in the UK with a recommended retail price of US$4.39 for 340g.

The company added a new smooth peanut butter spread to the Whole Earth brand in January last year, a low in sugar, high fibre range.

Smooth peanut butter targets population of consumers who are mindful of their health as it contains low cholesterol levels since it is made using high-oleic peanuts.

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