SOUTH AFRICA – Woolworths has joined the other retail companies in pulling 32 of Polony and Vienna cold meat products from Enterprise Foods after its parent company Tiger brands made the decision to recall the products.

This came at the verge of Listeriosis outbreak indignation in the country after Minister of Health Aaron Motsoaledi announced that the source of the latest outbreak of Listeriosis was traced back to an Enterprise Foods facility in Polokwane Limpopo Province.

According to an update by Fin24, Woolworths acknowledged that it had pulled off its shelves the meat products recalled by Enterprise Foods including Housebrand products that could be alternatively taken back for a refund.

The retailer was not the only one found in this wave as others had already removed the products from the shelves calling on consumers to return processed meat products to store for a refund.

It recalled a range of products including Waferthin chargrilled and smoked ham, Waferthin roasted and smoked chicken, salami sticks, a variety of Viennas, gammon and assorted meat products.

“Woolworths has a team of food scientists and technologists who proactively manage food safety, in addition to our independent food safety testing and auditing, to prevent microbial contamination of food.

This testing includes Listeria,” the retail company said on its Facebook page.