CAMEROON – Yara International, a global leader in plant nutrition, has offloaded all its 65% majority stake in Yara Cameroon to NJS Group, which has been the minority shareholder since the company’s inception in 1995.

Yara Cameroon makes a significant contribution to the country’s agricultural productivity by importing and distributing its own NPK compounds and calcium nitrate fertilizers, ensuring high yields and high quality for food and export crops.

Despite the move by Yara international ASA to withdraw from its activities in Cameroon after more than two decades of operation, it nevertheless remains linked to its former partner.

“To consolidate their collaboration, Yara International ASA and the NJS Group have entered into an exclusive distribution agreement for the premium NPK fertilizers YaraMila and YaraLiva Nitrabor Calcium Nitrate,” a statement from Yara said.

As an essential party to this agreement, Yara International ASA will provide technical and operational support to the NJS Group, thereby ensuring a solid platform for future growth.”

Cameroonian farmers and agricultural retailers have been assured a continuous supply of these key products, guaranteeing their presence in the market, and promoting sustainable agricultural production.

With a strong focus on agriculture, NJS Group has been renowned for over forty years for its implementation of sustainable agricultural practices supported by significant investments and efficient operations management.

According to the statement, the acquisition of the company’s entire capital by NJS Group represents a strategic and natural evolution and paves the way for ambitious expansion projects.

NJS Group’s greater focus on plant nutrition comes at a time when Cameroon’s fertilizer market is booming with imports rising to meet local demand.

According to data compiled on the Trademap platform and cited by Ecofin Agency, the country’s fertilizer import bill has increased by 22% to over $81 million in 2022.

With Yara Cameroon, NJS will now be better posed to tap into this demand in its quest to diversify beyond its focus area in controlled livestock development.

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