Yili to upgrade European Innovation Centre to expand economic and scientific sectors

CHINA – Yili, a state-owned company of dairy industry in China, has made plans to upgrade its activities of Yili European Innovation Center with the theme of “Enabling Connecting Globally by Innovation” to expand its economic and scientific sectors.

The company said that in 2014, together with Wageningen University in the Netherlands, it jointly established “European Research and Development Center”, which is the overseas research and development center with the highest specification in China.

In the upgrading ceremony, Zhang Jianqiu announced that Yili European Research and Development Center was officially upgraded to European Innovation Center, which further shows continuous efforts of Yili in innovation.

For this, Zhang Yi, deputy secretary general of China Chamber of International Commerce expressed that from establishment to upgrade, it has covered different fields and has integrated different cultures, which can be used to not only satisfy technological demand of the enterprises, but also directly transfer innovation of the research institute.

It can be regarded as an excellent example of non-governmental cooperation between China and foreign countries, setting a new benchmark for the development of the enterprises under the situation of world economic integration in the future.

“Wageningen University is one of the best agricultural universities in the world and Yili is the biggest dairy company in Asia.

The collaboration between Wageningen University and Yili is not only beneficial for the Chinese market, but more importantly, for the global market. Still, millions of people suffer from poverty and malnutrition,” said Fresco.

“This pushes us to consider the ecosystem, soil, good protein source and many other areas.

We have a saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but I think a glass of milk a day can also keep the doctor away.

I hope Yili and Wageningen University can work together more to provide some healthy products and bring positive effects to the whole society.”

Zhang Jianqiu further stated that in recent years, with continuous acceleration of diversification of consumer demand and the integration of global dairy industry, innovation has become the “winning hand” for determining the future of an enterprise.

In this context, Yili puts forward the development concept of “incubating the future by innovation and linking the world by wisdom”, and continuously promotes innovation and development of the dairy industry centering on “empowerment” and “integration”.

In the future, Yili Group will continuously promote innovation and enable innovation to be a “propeller” for the development of Yili and even the dairy industry in China.

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