ZAMBIA – The Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) has commissioned a US$20,000 packaging and testing equipment to meet regional standards

The International Trade Centre (ITC) facilitated the buying of the equipment as part of technical assistance to the project called Promoting Intra-regional Trade in Eastern Africa, which is funded by Finland.

Head of marketing and public relations Hazel Zulu said the installation of the equipment will enable ZABS provide testing services for users and  suppliers who package products  to conform with the packaging specifications and quality standards that exists in southern Africa.

Mrs Zulu said in a posting on ZABS’ Facebook page that the equipment is able to conduct 55 different tests on packaging materials such as paper, plastic labels, cartons, corrugated boxes, glass, plastic containers, cans, plastic films and adhesives, among others.

“The Impee Porta Lab, developed by the Mexican Institute of Packaging Professionals is economical, simple, portable testing equipment suitable for all packaging materials

“Packaging suppliers and users in many African countries face the challenge of performing quality checks on packaging due to the lack of relevant testing equipment,” she said.

Similarly, ITC senior adviser for export value chain Kofi Essuman said good packaging is a prerequisite for successful market access and increased sales.

February 23, 2015;