Zambeef opens new macro outlet in Northern Zambia

ZAMBIA – Zambeef Retail, which has been opening macro outlets in the country, has opened its latest store in the bustling town of Solwezi, with further 12 outlets planned to roll-out next year.

“We are excited about the opening of the new and bigger store as it will allow us to better serve our customers in Solwezi, and by virtue of its central location,” said Zambeef Retailing and Marketing Manager Felix Lupindula.

He added that a second Macro next to the Solwezi weighbridge on the Chingola- Solwezi Highway would be opening by mid-November 2017.

The new store has been designed to reflect international standards, and emphasises hygiene and food safety, ample storage capacity, convenience and ease of access as well as an appealing shopping environment, says the company.

“We have received tremendous support from our customers over the years and as a result we have been able to reinvest in the business and make a positive contribution to the local economy.

The Macro stores are a part of this reinvestment and in addition to strengthening our core business in the cold food chain division, they also enable us to further support our farmers by providing a platform where local products can be made readily available to the market in a value-added form,” said Mr Lupindula.

“The good thing about the Zambeef stores is that the products cut across income brackets so there is something for everyone.

We aim to ensure we provide fresh, affordable and quality products to our customers at all times through our outlets as well as through our Shoprite in-store butcheries.”

The Solwezi Macro outlet is at the heart of the company’s strategic focus on its Retail Division, which aims to see similar investment in every major town across Zambia as it continues to make products “available and Affordable” to every Zambian.

The focus also ties in with Zambeef’s commitment to Zambian farmers, with virtually all of its products of Zambian origin.

“We will continue to strengthen our linkages with all farmers especially livestock producers every year going forward,” said Mr Lupindula.

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