ZAMBIA – Zambeef Products Plc, an integrated cold chain food products and agribusiness company in Zambia, has opened a new distribution and processing centre to serve the northern regions of the country.

The newly established Kitwe Processing Plant operation is set to improve the company’s efficiencies and expand the food retailer’s operations and logistics in the Coperbelt and Northern Provinces in the vast country.

The new facility will add to the the food retailer’s operations and logistics from its base at Huntley Farm in Chisamba, which is located in the Central Province of the country, near the commercial capital, Lusaka.

“The market for Zambeef products is growing and so is the company. We aim to give added value to our customers with the one-stop shop concept in the form of our macro outlets – which have been well received.

“But beyond the shopfront we are investing heavily in the processes, the machinery and the facilities that will ultimately enhance the customer experience and value offered by Zambeef,” explained Zambeef Head of Corporate Affairs and General Manager Retailing Felix Lupindula.

Mr Lupindula noted that Zambeef retail activity in the North has significantly expanded reflected by opening of more outlets which has further necessitated the realignment of supply management to the region.

“Our goal is to continue providing our customers with affordable, accessible, available and quality products that can rival any other product on the market locally or otherwise.

The plant employs a first in, first out (FIFO) method together with other quality management practices to ensure consistent and efficient product and service delivery,” he said.

Lupindula says that while Huntley Farm remains the company’s base operational and distribution centre, the new Kitwe Processing Plant will make for easier service at a decentralised level for all the inter-town retail centres from a strategic regional location.

The new plant, which features state-of-the-art facilities including a modern weighing facilities, high-capacity cold-rooms, and a bigger storage and supply chain management for the Northern region, was established to accommodate the company’s growth, says Lupindula.

The Plant’s store will also include Novatek Animal Feed and Zamhatch sales outlets to offer the firms portfolio of products ranging from meat and dairy to animal feeds.

The Kitwe Processing macro outlet was the first on the Copperbelt serving the surrounding areas in the region.

It joins recently opened outlets in Kasumbalesa, Solwezi, Kasama, Wusakile, Ndola City Centre (NCC), Nkana East and Mansa Macros, which has necessitated the realigned of supply management to the region, says the company.

The agribusiness company is involved in the primary production, processing, distribution and retailing of beef, chicken, pork, milk, eggs, dairy products, fish, flour and stockfeed in Zambia Nigeria and Ghana.