ZAMBIA – The food products and agribusiness company, Zambeef Plc is opening another of its popular Macro outlets in Wusakile, Kitwe as it expands its offerings on the Copperbelt.

The new store is an addition to about 24 macro outlets it has opened across the country, and the company plans to launch more modern convenience stores in the future.

Zambeef said the Macro store will stock all Zambeef products mostly of Zambian origin including meat, dairy, eggs, fish, flour and stockfeed of high quality but affordable.

The branch features an enhanced shopping ambiance and in-store experience, with state-of-the-art equipment, more tills and cashless payment options.

Customers will be able to order livestock feed from a Novatek animal feed outlet and get access to Zamhatch day-old chicks; more than half of which are sold to small-scale farmers and entrepreneurs who then serve the traditional live-bird market, which still accounts for 75% of poultry market share.

“Zambeef’s motivation has always been to feed the nation. Part of that involves responding to growing and evolving customer needs.

The aim of the Macro outlets is to be at the heart of communities across the country, so people can have easy access to our range of high quality, affordable products,” said Zambeef’s Head of Retail and Corporate Affairs Manager Mr Felix Lupindula.

Its operations also include linking farmers to consumer markets across Zambia through its retail network comprising 205 outlets – both own-brand and within Shoprite supermarkets, and has expanded to Nigeria and Ghana.

Zambeef completed majority stake sale of Zampalm to IDC for US$16 million in cash.

The sale was in line with the company’s strategy of focusing on its core business, allow pay down the group’s debt and thus reduce gearing and interest costs.

Last month, it opened a new Heroes Macro store to its chain of stores in the capital Lusaka as it strengthens its competence in international standards in the local food retailing industry.

Such expansions are in pursuit of providing customers with quality products and services while delivering on its motto to ensure affordability and availability of quality products to customers.