ZAMBIA – The Zambian Breweries Ndola plant has increased the production of its beverages by one million hecto liters following the investment of $30 million dollars.

The plant has increased production from 750,000 to 1.75 million hectolitres per annum.

Head of corporate communications Exekiel Sekele said the company invested $30 million into a new production line that was producing one million hecto litres per annum.

Mr Sekele said ZB increased production at the plant to sustain the growing demand of its products in the region.

“In the previous year, demand had outstripped supply, this lead the board of directors to approve the $30 million investment into new production line to increase production and sustain the growing demand,” he said.

Mr sekele was speaking during the shareholders and media open day in Ndola on Friday last week.

He said Eagle Iager had received overwhelming demand on the market following the induction of cassava in the beverage.

Mr Sekele said the Market for Eagle lager had tripled in the last one year and projected that it would soon be at the same level with Mosi.

He said Eagle lager was an important brand because it was empowering cassava farmers in Luapula Province.

Mr Sekele said the company was empowering more than 2,000 small-scale farmers in Mansa and this year it was targeting to buy 35,000 tonnes of the crop.

The company is working on introducing non-alcohol and low alcohol beverage to respond to the needs of customers.

He said the company would possibly next year introduce the Zero alcohol and three percent alcohol beverage in its brands.

Lusaka Times