ZAMBIA – Zambian Breweries has welcomed Yalelo Zambia, one of the leading fish aquaculture companies in Africa as the latest partner in its growing environmental clean-up initiative.

Yalelo joins Zambian players such as maker of quick meal brands – Java Foods, who are part of the initiative, contributing to the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) framework designed to increase manufacturers’ roles in building a green economy.

The newest Manja Pamodzi Foundation Limited partnership will align the fish company’s moves to expand and grow with resource efficiency at the heart of its operations as it strives to reduce pollution, cut down emissions operations in all their aquatic endeavours.

Manja Pamodzi collectors will be picking recyclable waste from its Mukwa Distribution Centre under the scheme.

The community-based initiative Manja Pamodzi supports a network of entrepreneurs who collect and sell post-consumer packaging waste in Lusaka as part of Zambian Breweries’ strategy to help improve the country’s solid waste management system.

Launched in 2016 with support from Lusaka City Council and Zambia Environmental Management Agency, the project has so far recruited more than 800 collectors while collecting over 12, 000 tons of recyclable waste from communities in Lusaka.

“This partnership may seem like a small exercise today, but has profound sustainable impact tomorrow,” said Zambian Breweries Corporate Affairs Director Ezekiel Sekele, who presented Yalelo Zambia with a certificate of partnership in recognition of promoting recycling of post-consumer solid waste and contributing to a clean, green and healthy environment.

Zambian Breweries said that there is need for both companies to work together for the greater good of the environment.

Yalelo Zambia’s Commercial Operations Manager Mwiinga Moonga said, “We hope to recycle our fish disposals into bio-fuels, bio-gases and other forms of green energy.”

The Manja Pamodzi recycling initiative has initiated partnerships with environmentally conscious manufacturers such as Yalelo Zambia in order to ensure maximum utilisation of industrial waste and the advocacy of improved Solid Waste Management (SWM).

Under Manja Pamodzi, collectors gather recyclable waste such as plastic bottles and other packaging materials and sell them to aggregators, who then sell the material to recyclers that process it into pellets, cups, tissue and other useful items.

Creating sustainability through recycling can help conserve natural resources, reduces the amount of waste reaching landfills and increase economic security by tapping into domestic raw materials.

Manja Pamodzi is not only a one stop solution to EPR Regulations compliance but is also aligned with the Green Economy and Environmental Protection agenda in which the production of goods and services is done with negligible levels of pollution to the land, air and water.

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