TANZANIA – President Ali Mohamed Shein has officially opened ‘Zanzibar’s only’ milk processing factory named ‘Azam Diary’ expressing concern over low milk consumption in the islands.

“People should be encouraged to drink milk. It is unfortunate that Zanzibar remains of the countries with lowest milk consumption. Let us change this trend,” Dr Shein said here at the opening of the Azam Dairy Production Limited (ADPL).

The facility is the result of USD 20 million, investment by Bakhressa Group of Companies, creating hundreds of jobs including 130 direct employments.

Dr Shein used the gathering, among events listed to mark the 53rd Anniversary of the revolution climaxing next Thursday promising to promote growth of industries as stipulated by the Industry policy.

He commended Bakhressa Group of Companies for establishing the Milk factory in Zanzibar as the Minister of Finance, Dr Khalid Salum Mohamed said it was a milestone in current government’s plans to have many industries.

According to the companies spokesperson Mr Salim Aziz, Azam Diary has the capacity of producing 160,000 liters of milk daily, but only ten percent of the product of consumed in Zanzibar, the rest is exported in the Tanzania mainland.

“We have been moving on well but still have challenges of getting fresh milk from farmers. We need milk from local farmers, but it is insufficient prompting us to import and use powdered Milk,” Mr Aziz said.

He mentioned other challenges as increasing running costs; mainly the boiler machine, which uses special oil, which is only purchased abroad and union tax regulations, which hinders free market trade between Zanzibar and Tanzania mainland.

January 7, 2017; http://allafrica.com/stories/201701090734.html