ZIMBABWE – The Go Beer Company in Zimbabwe has been unbundled into three strategic business units in a bid to revive farming and manufacturing activities in the beer concern improve financial performance of the firm.

Go Beer will now operate under three units; Go Beer Farming (Pvt) Limited, Progress Properties (Pvt) Limited and Progress Manufacturing (Pvt) Ltd.

According to Gweru City Council acting finance director Mr Owen Masimba, the units are expected to commence operations within the year.

“Unbundling of Go Beer into a strategic business unit has been completed with registration of three companies, namely Go Beer Farming (Pvt) Limited, Progress Properties (Pvt) Limited and Progress Manufacturing (Pvt) Ltd which are all expected to be operationalised this year,” he said.

A Herald report reveals that the beer unit ceased operations four years ago after facing viability challenges.

In its efforts of bringing the beer concern back to life, the local authority has to date bankrolled the company to the tune of over US$2.2 million.

“Go Beer Farming Company is expected to spearhead farming operations at all council farms which have been lying idle for a long time.

“The project is also expected to benefit immensely from the Government’s Command Agriculture Programme and boost agricultural productivity in the province,” he said.

Mr Masimba added that the council had already floated adverts for expression of interests in various joint venture horticultural projects for the farming concern.

“We have flighted adverts for joint venture for a US$275 000 capital project at Cambridgeshire and Goldridge farms.

“Another one is a US$406 000 joint venture for horticulture, so we are hoping to partner experts in the production of horticultural products and this is a low- hanging fruit expected to revive revenue inflow,.” he added

Mr Masimba said the manufacturing concern would utilise the brewery plant for any suitable manufacturing enterprise while the property company is expected to revamp properties such as beerhalls and shops into vibrant business units.

Progressive Properties Pvt Ltd will be responsible for managing former Go beer properties including beer halls and offices with future plans of transforming them into shopping malls.