ZIMBABWE – Zimbabwean food delivery startup Munch has seen thousands of downloads of its app as it looks to simplify the process of ordering food from restaurants in Harare.

Munch has developed a web-based platform and mobile application that allows people to search for their favourite restaurant, select their food, and pay within the application or on delivery.

Once an order has been made through the app, Munch drivers will pick the food up from the restaurant and deliver it to the customer. Customers can also place orders in advance for pickup.

It has received quite a response, with 3,500 users signed up for the service, with the app having seen over 7,500 downloads.

“We are doing an average of between 800 and 900 orders monthly, but expect to increase it big time because of the marketing campaigns we will be carrying out in the next few months,” Tatenda Jakarasi, co-founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Munch, told Disrupt Africa.

The startup is currently only operating in Harare, but plans to expand into other Zimbabwe cities in 2018, and eventually into neighbouring countries.

Its biggest local competitor is Dial A Delivery, which only works with selected food providers, and takes orders via phone call.

Munch is trying to be something quite different.

“Zimbabwe still lacks an efficient technology-integrated delivery service that will enable food lovers across the country to order in from their favourite restaurants and get their food delivered to them within a reasonable time, while maintaining the quality of the food and offering the same satisfaction,” Jakarasi said.

Munch has received about $10,000 in funding to date for it to prove the concept and test the platform, with the startup making money through deliveries and commissions charged to restaurants.

Jakarasi said it will soon be adopting a subscription model.

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