Nespresso partners Swedish firm in recycling of aluminium coffee capsules

SWITZERLAND – Nespresso has partnered with Swedish lifestyle bike brand Vélosophy to produce a stylish bicycle made from recycled aluminium coffee capsules. Through the partnership, Vaélosophy will produce RE:CYCLE bicycles which Nespresso says is “a […]

Nespresso in effort to revive coffee production in Colombia

USA – Nespresso has committed to support coffee farmers in in the municipality of El Rosario, in the Nariño Department of Colombia through a program that seeks to revitalize coffee production in the region impacted […]

Nespresso to invest US$9.8m in new strategy to revive coffee industry

USA – Nespresso has announced that it is investing US$9.8 million (CHF 10 million) in a new strategy to revive the coffee industries in selected countries across the globe. The company has launched the Reviving […]

Nespresso commits US$1.2m in improving coffee capsule recycling

USA – Nestle’s Nespresso has in partnership with New York City Department of Sanitation and Sims Municipal Recycling (SMR) committed to invest US$1.2 million in improving the recycling rates of Nespresso coffee capsules. Through New […]

Nespresso partners Tinto to use 100% sustainably-sourced aluminium by 2020

SWITZERLAND – Nestlé’s Nespresso brand has signed a new partnership with the European metal corporation, Rio Tinto use 100% responsibly sourced and certified aluminium in its coffee capsules by 2020. Nestle will become the first […]

Nespresso and Starbucks commit to support Puerto Rico’s coffee sector

PUERTO RICO – The Hispanic Federation, Nespresso, The Rockefeller Foundation, Starbucks, TechnoServe and World Coffee Research, have all made a commitment to support smallholder coffee farmers in Puerto Rico. The Hispanic Federation, together with actor […]

Nespresso announces long-term investment to revive Zimbabwe’s coffee industry

ZIMBABWE – Nespresso, a coffee operating unit of the Nestlé Group, has announced a long-term investment plan to revive Zimbabwe’s coffee industry and stimulate the rural economy. The company announced that it will provide training and […]